This website has been designed to be accessible for all users, irrespective of browser being used or any impairments. However you may wish to alter the way our website looks. Below is a number of features that you are able to change with step-by-step instructions.

Changing the text sizes

You may want to change the text size on this website so the fonts display larger. You can do this by using the text size menu on your browser menu by following these instructions: In Internet Explorer, select Text Size from the View menu item. Then choose the preferred size. In Netscape Navigator, select Text Zoom from the View menu item. Then choose the preferred size. The text of the site will change to reflect your choice.

Navigating this website

This site has been designed so that it is easy-to-use and simple to navigate. The main navigation includes all the main sections of the website and runs on the left side of each page. By clicking on any of these items you will be taken to a specific section of the website. This style of navigation is consistent throughout the site for your ease of use.

Images and alt tags

All images used on the site include 'Alt' tags descriptive text alternatives. This allows you to see a description of what the image is even if it does not load correctly, if images have been switched off or if a screen reader is being used to read the web pages.


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